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Product code: COMBO


The last generation of combined machine Combo has been conceived basing on the RCM construction philosophy; the same philosophy followed in the last 50 years to produce ride on sweepers with front driving position, logic driving system, front steering drive wheel to ensure the maximum visibility, maneuverability and safety for the operator. COMBINED sweeping-scrubbing-driyng MODE: The two powerful counter-rotating brushes, hydraulically controlled, sweep and scrub at the same time all kind of dirt on every kind of surface. The rear V-shaped squeegee collects the dirty water leaving the floor perfectly SWEEPED - SCRUBBED - DRIED - POLLUTION FREE. SWEEPING MODE: Sweeping on dry floor, the two powerful counter-rotating brushes collect all kind of dirt and throw it into the back hopper. The dust is then retained by the powerful suction fans in the large filters.


High hourly output as it sweeps, washes and dries in just one run. Its wide cleaning track makes COMBO the perfect machine to perform deep cleaning operations in large areas with any type of surface and amount of dirt.

  • COMBO features one of the largest hopper of its market segment. It lifts and empties quickly, even into containers, up to 1560 mm in height, thus considerably reducing the downtime during unloading procedures. Picture representing the waste being unloaded into a container.
  • Despite its size is that of an industrial machine and it features a wide cleaning track (1350 mm), COMBO can make a U turn between two walls in just 3200 mm.
  • A wide range of brushes and squeegee rubbers to ensure the best cleaning result depending on the type of dirt to be removed and the flooring.
  • The side brushes can be replaced in just a few minutes by changing the sweeping type with the washing type depending on the type of operation required.
  • The two counter-rotating roller brushes sweep in an extremely effective way by retaining the dust and deep washing at the same time by reducing the cleaning hourly rate by 50%.


The AQUA SAVER device helps reduce the environmental impact and protect natural resources, environment and people safety.

  • This device allows the machine to use the minimum quantity of water required to ensure excellent results. It improves autonomy and reduces the environmental impact.
  • The driving seat located in the front area ensures perfect visibility on both sides, in order to operate completely safely and with top accuracy.
  • Featuring two powerful three-stage suction motors, it leaves the floor perfectly dry and safe, preventing any dangerous slipping.


Its high productivity increases the hourly cleaning capacity and reduces downtime, thus minimizing the hourly cleaning rate. Easy and low maintenance for reduced management costs.

  • Special care has been taken with regard to the accessibility of mechanical components as to reduce maintenance costs. All mechanical components can be accessed quickly for inspection and maintenance operations.
  • COMBO features corrosion-resistant polyethylene tanks and a steel solid perimeter chassis that protects it against any impacts.
  • The constructive rationality facilitates and limits the maintenance interventions thus reducing the hourly labour rates. For example, the squeegee rubbers can be replaced without using any tools.

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