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Product code: TERA


TERA is the RCM Scrubber-Drier for large surfaces. It’s Eco-friendly and allows to set customized working programs. Three possible versions: cleaning width from 1100 to 1300 mm with disk or rolling brushes. The 280 liter water tank and the 36V-525Ah battery allow a great working autonomy. Big wheels and sturdy construction makes the machine able to work in the heaviest duties conditions. The optional sweeping device allows to sweep small debris and clean perfectly at once.


This function allows the operator to choose and set the working parameters of TERA depending on the type of dirt and floor. It ensures cleaning results that are constant over time, avoiding any unexpected cost.

  • The TERA battery compartment is suitable for the widest variety of high capacity batteries, thus adapting to the user’s needs.
  • TERA features an electronic system for adjusting the pressure on the brushes aimed at removing the heavy dirt in deep cleaning operations, or regulating the pressure during maintenance cleaning operations to increase the machine running time.
  • A wide range of brushes and squeegee rubbers to ensure the best cleaning result depending on the type of dirt to be removed and the flooring.
  • The all-wheel drive of powerful brushless motors on the three wheels the machine can overcome steep gradients during operation. It also ensures maximum safety and stability on wet surfaces (Optional).
  • The drive on rear wheels is unique of its kind and enables the machine to overcome steep gradients even on wet surfaces (Optional).
  • Different speeds are available and can be enabled by pressing a switch. In order to ensure the maximum safety in all circumstances, the speed is automatically reduced when turning by means of the excellent hydraulic braking system.


Devices such as AQUA SAVER, ENERGY SAVER and DETERSAVER help reduce the environmental impact and protect natural resources, environment and people safety.

  • This device allows the machine to use the minimum quantity of water required to ensure excellent results. It improves autonomy and reduces the environmental impact.
  • Detersaver (optional) properly dispenses the right amount of detergent, avoiding unnecessary waste of money and protecting the environment.
  • This device is designed to save and recover the energy used, thus increasing the machine running time. For example, the brush motors automatically turn off when the machine stops.
  • Operating mode for maintenance cleaning at low environmental impact: reduced noise, energy and water consumption. Increased running time.
  • Most components can be recycled at the end of the product life, such as the polyethylene tanks.
  • Featuring two powerful three-stage suction motors, it leaves the floor perfectly dry and safe, preventing any dangerous slipping.


Its high productivity increases the hourly cleaning capacity and reduces downtime, thus minimizing the hourly cleaning rate. Management costs are reduced thanks to an easy and low maintenance.

  • Special care has been taken with regard to the accessibility of mechanical components as to reduce maintenance costs. For example, the polyester filter protecting the suction motors against the dust can be easily cleaned and removed.
  • TERA features corrosion-resistant polyethylene tanks and a steel solid perimeter chassis that protects it against any impacts.
  • The constructive rationality along with a cutting-edge technology (brushless electric motors) reduce maintenance interventions thus minimising the hourly labour costs. The components subject to daily maintenance are highlighted in yellow.

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