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Product code: GIGA


GIGA is a professional scrubber-dryer, compact and agile, with high-productivity performances. It is suitable for all the medium-sized areas, even when obstacles or people are around, because it leaves the floor perfectly dry, even when turning, and because of the very low noise level (61 dB) and the LED front light. The possibility to use different washing programs, it has long running time (up to 6 hours), reducing the consumption of water and chemicals. Setting the working parameters also allows constant cleaning results. Different scrub-heads are available: 700, 800 and 900 mm with 2 disk brushes or rollers.


High hourly output thanks to the technical solutions adopted that facilitate drying, handling, ergonomics and simple working operations. Compact machine featuring different cleaning tracks to maximise productivity depending on the environments.

  • It washes and collects small debris in the waste compartment in just one run, considerably reducing the cleaning time. The stainless steel base ensures robustness and long service life.
  • Ideal to clean quickly in a short time because of the small dimension and large cleaning width. Different scrub-heads are available: 700, 800 and 900 mm.
  • The controls most frequently used are located on the steering wheel to facilitate the operator’s movements during cleaning operations and improve productivity.
  • A wide range of brushes and squeegee rubbers to ensure the best cleaning result depending on the type of dirt to be removed and the flooring.
  • Function which allows to choose and set the working parameters of your GIGA, depending on the conditions of the floor. It allows to keep costs under control.
  • Because of the optimization of the energy consumption and the possibility to use high capacity batteries, it has the greatest working autonomy in its category.


Devices such as AQUA SAVER, ENERGY SAVER and SUPER SILENT help reduce the environmental impact and protect natural resources, environment and people in the area in terms of safety and noise pollution.

  • This device allows the machine to clean with excellent results using a small amount of water. It improves autonomy and reduces the environmental impact.
  • Detersaver (optional) properly dispenses the right amount of detergent, avoiding unnecessary waste of money and protecting the environment.
  • This device is designed to save and recover the energy used, thus increasing the machine running time. For example, the brush motors automatically turn off when the machine stops.
  • Most components can be recycled at the end of the product life, such as the polyethylene tanks.
  • SUPER SILENT 61 dB Limited noise emissions in order to work where quietness is a must.
  • The perfect drying avoids any risk of slippery floors. GIGA can be used in total safety even when people are around, also because of the let front light.


Its high productivity increases the hourly cleaning capacity and reduces downtime, thus minimizing the hourly cleaning rate. Management costs are reduced thanks to an easy and low maintenance.

  • It is ever-lasting because of high-quality components and robust chassis in steel, cataphoresis painted to stand corrosion. The poliethilene tanks resists to shocks and chemicals; it is also protected by bumpers.
  • The constructive rationality facilitates and limits the maintenance interventions thus reducing the hourly labour rates. For example, the squeegee rubbers can be replaced without using any tools.
  • To reduce maintenance costs and service operation time, all the mechanical parts are easy to reach for inspection. The wearing-level indicator allows to use the brushes completely, reducing costs for spare parts.

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