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Product code: Micromag

MicroMag Walk Behind Floor Scrubber

Rugged, little, and easy to store, this battery-powered micro scrubber cleans your floors in congested areas more efficiently and faster than manual cleaning with a mop, bucket, and ringer. Offered in traction and brush drive this machine can accommodate all your small cleaning tasks. Available in 43cm - 51cm scrub width. Get incredible value with the MicroMag battery powered floor scrubber. Powerful scrub and vacuum motors will make cleaning your small spaces easy with this simple machine that anyone can operate. Adjustable control panel height accommodates operators of any size. Ample solution and recovery capacity allow the operator longer scrub times between having to drain and refill the tanks. The MicroMag is our smallest offering yet it is still tough enough for even the harshest clean up jobs. The scrub deck is completely surrounded by steel and urethane rollers to protect against impact.


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