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Product code: GTX V2

GTX v2 Ride On Floor Scrubber

Navigation of your facility is easy with this compact ride on auto scrubber. Say, “so long” to the fatigued operator from walking behind a traditional auto scrubber. With this ride on auto scrubber your staff will clean more square footage during their shift and still have the time and energy to do additional work. With impressive down pressure and brush speed this machine cleans your toughest dirt. Available in 68cm - 84cm scrub width. Compact floor scrubbers are used everywhere there are medium and large spaces to clean. Many machines in the compact ride on scrubber market are light duty and majority plastic, lasting only 3 – 5 years. The GTX v2 sit atop our signature welded steel frame assuring many years of service and durability. Equipped with simple controls virtually anyone can operate this machine with minimal training.


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